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Simon Thomas – Solihull
I have received treatment from Paul and his colleagues for over 4 years for a variety of treatments, and actually look forward to visiting the practice. His good humour, charm and professionalism, make the sessions fly by. I completely trust Paul in his diagnosis and treatment, and always recommend others to him.
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Sue Bullock-Solihull
I have been a patient of Paul's on and off for 6 years and have always found him to be supportive, caring, cheerful and, most of all, he takes the pain away! It is always a pleasure to visit Paul and I always come away feeling that I have been given his entire attention, he is thorough and his sunny disposition helps to put a spring back into my step. I highly recommend a visit to Paul - it works.
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Sue Banks – Solihull
Having suffered from a back injury back in 1981 and earlier neck problems, when we moved to Solihull 12 years ago I immediately sought out a regular registered osteopath. Thank goodness it was Paul Robinson - he is the first osteopath that has actually treated the cause rather than the symptoms.

Thanks to Paul, my back and neck movement have greatly improved over the years, and the need from treatment has vastly reduced. I have recommended Paul to many friends and colleagues and all report back favourably. Paul's sense of humour always makes a visit to him a real pleasure and I come away feeling tons better. Thanks Paul, you're a star!
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Jill Ginns - West Midlands
Although it is only just under a year since I first went to visit Paul, I can safely say that I'm not sure what I would have done without him. A few days before Christmas I bent to cut my toe nails and found that when I wanted to stand up again I actually couldn't! With the busy round of Christmas cooking and festivities almost upon me, I was unsure what I was going to do. My daughter recommended seeing Paul who filled me with confidence and quickly set about putting me, right initially just to get me through the festive season but later improving my back problems considerably. Paul is always friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you Paul.
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Karen Greening - West Midlands
Paul was recommended to me by a friend some 18 months after I had problems with my achilles heal. My problem had restricted my normally active lifestyle and caused a considerable amount of pain and frustration.Initially I spoke with two doctors and I was then referred to a physiotherapist.The Physiotherapist treated my achilles for a four month period, cost me several hundred pounds and then advised me that she could nothing else for me and my problem would right itself.

After speaking to a friend she recommended that I see Paul so I made an appointment out of sheer desperation but also apprehension.

I was unsure as to whether I wanted to be treated by a man and was also conscious of reliving the nightmare experienced by the physiotherapist. However, all of my thoughts were dispelled within the first few minutes of meeting Paul. Not only did he immediately put me at ease he also explained the route cause of my problem, which was in fact not my achilles.
Paul advised me that my problem was treatable and could be fixed by three sessions. I must admit I walked out of the consultation thinking that he would have to perform some miracle to cure this pain in three sessions, however, true to his word that is exactly what happened. He gave me a couple of simple and easy exercise’s to follow and by the third session I was 95% there, and then it was just a matter of easing myself back into the activities I had given up on as a result of my injury.

I am really grateful to my friend for recommending Paul and to Paul for his help and also and more importantly his honesty.

Paul has a great sense of humour and is easy to get along with, he is honest and exceptional at what he does, I do not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and I know like me they have also found the benefit of his experience.
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Alan Plows - West Midlands
Dear Paul
I am at the moment enjoying an active and pain free life following attending your centre and obviously your personal treatment and advice. Referral is usually by word of mouth indicating satisfaction or otherwise, The short answer is satisfaction so you can rest assured that I will recommend your centre and yourself personally,now and in the future.
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Stewart Adams – Maypole
I have had back problems for 20 years and seen a variety of specialists. Since Paul's treatment my back problems have left me. I have and will continue to recommend Paul.
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Jane Robinson - Solihull
When I first came to see Paul, to say I was in a bad way would be an understatement, I could not turn my head more than a quarter turn in each direction, I had trouble walking, I could not lie in bed, I could not bend forward, getting dressed was difficult, and I had a severe pain in my upper chest. To make all of this harder to deal with, I am a mother of two!

I have suffered with my back for many years, but I have never had an episode like this, so instead of visiting my usual chiropractor, I took my friends advice and came to see Paul. One of the first things that struck me was how he took time to talk to me, as I am sure you can imagine coping with this almost debilitating pain was very hard, and looking as if you are 96, not 36 did nothing for my self esteem! Being able to talk about it, as well as having the actual treatment all aided my recovery. Paul’s method of massaging my back before manipulating it made the whole process much more bearable than my usual chiropractor’s visits.

I had a fairly intense course of treatments initially to cure the problem, but I am now able to visit Paul on much less frequent basis, just to keep everything on track!

I would not hesitate to recommend Paul, that is how I came to visit him, and I can never thank my friend enough for nagging me to change my treatment and go to see him.
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